“Branson’s #1 Star” – CBS This Morning

“May Be Unequaled Anywhere for Showmanship” – U.S. News and World Report

“Perhaps The Most Popular In Town” – Time Magazine

There’s a reason that when people think of Branson, they think of The Shoji Tabuchi Show! From Osaka to Nashville to Branson, Shoji Tabuchi’s inspirational story is the stuff dreams are made of! Acclaimed as one of the greatest entertainers in the world, Shoji Tabuchi is Branson’s must have ticket! With all the glamour of Hollywood, the spectacle of Las Vegas, the production of Broadway, and the family fun of Branson, by reputation The Shoji Tabuchi Show is Branson’s best show. The Tabuchi Family has dedicated over 30 years to excellence in family entertainment!

As the show’s creator and Executive Producer, Shoji Tabuchi’s multi-talented wife, Dorothy Tabuchi, surprises audience with electrifying production numbers year after year. Shoji Tabuchi is also joined by his breathtaking daughter, Christina Lingo-Tabuchi, already a veteran showstopper – and now co-producer of the show!

Shoji, Dorothy, and Christina – three magical names in Branson, together for the show no Branson visitor can miss, The Shoji Tabuchi Show!

THE SHOJI TABUCHI FAMILY CHRISTMAS SHOW: Experience Christmas with The Shoji Tabuchi Family like never before! The holiday season come to life in this breathtaking Christmas celebration. Featuring holiday favorites old and new, in ways you have never heard them before! Create a Christmas memory with your family that you will cherish for years to come!